About Us

Providing Enriching Childcare for Toddlers
to School-Aged Children

At Kingdom Childcare Center, we strive to elevate the daycare experience for both families and children. Our passionate staff is dedicated to more than just supervising toddlers and preschoolers; they provide crucial educational experiences that shape young minds for lifelong learning. Using research-driven curricula and a child-focused teaching approach, our early childhood educators cater to each stage of development.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders Through Playful Learning and Language-Rich Exploration

We offer child-centered and language-rich activities that promote self-discovery, problem-solving, and creative thinking in a spirited, fun environment. We are committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment that builds the foundation for tomorrow’s leaders.

Before & Afterschool Shuttle to the following Schools:

Here are the elementary schools within a 10-minute drive (approximately 5 miles) from 11700 Beltsville Drive, Beltsville, MD:

Prince George's County Public Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools